Paladar Temescal Presents...PAELLA EN PATIO! JULY 8th

6:30 pm
We'll start the evening with Spain's sparkling wine--cava--and a Spanish cheese plate.

1st course: Tapas
2nd course: Gazpacho
Main course: Paella (seafood and vegetarian option)
Dessert: Flan

Sangria will flow. By the end of the evening, you will be casting smoldering stares across the patio to your flamenco partner. Or your money back ($35 clams to be precise).

Please RSVP in comments section, along with number of guests and whether you would like vegetarian paella. RSVP etiquette is highly prized, for planning and capital outlay reasons. But you're all too cool for us to worry about that. Many thanks!